About us

Cat charity – MTÜ Kasside Turvakodu – is a non-profit organisation funded solely by  private donations and staffed by volunteers to help abandoned or neglected cats. It’s been founded on 2007.

There are 150-200 cats at the shelter who are all waiting for the chance to finally find a home and to be loved by somebody.

Cats end up here from the streets of Tallinn and other parts of Estonia, found  by people who care and through the Estonian Animal Protection Society, as well as from Veterinary Clinics where lovely and healthy cats end up being put down by their owners for reasons such as the cat doesn’t fit their life anymore.
Every animal has it’s own story, often very sad.

There are 10-15 volunteers who take care of the cats and look for new homes for them. They do this in their spare time and often at their own expense.

The  cats spend their time at the shelter until they are found a new home.
The cats are never put down.

In helping the cats, the shelter co-operates with animal protection societies, veterinary clinics and other organizations.
Help is needed from everyone who cares about the future of those lovely cats and wants to improve pet ownership culture in Estonia.

Thank you, if you can and want to help!

  • MTÜ Kasside Turvakodu
    reg.nr. 80248010
  • IBAN: EE712200221035355855
  • Annetustelefonid (töötavad Elisa, Telia ja Tele2 võrkudes):
    900 6575 – kõne hind 5€
    900 6700 – kõne hind 10€
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  • Telefon:
    58 05 85 85 (infotelefon võtab kõnesid vastu
    9.00 – 18.00, hilisemad telefonikõned VAID
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