Kasside Turvakodu




Paula has lived with us about a month now and I wanted to send you a little update and some pictures .
She is such a sweet and very brave little girl. I am very surprised how much progress she has made in such a short time! It didn’t take her long to start spending most of the time in the living room with the rest of us. She learned the feeding schedule very quickly and she’s always waiting near the bowls to be fed. She is very food motivated and when it’s getting closer to feeding time she follows us around the house.  Our old cats and Paula are getting along better now and there haven’t been any fights between them. Paula and Helmi actually like to sleep together on the couch at night . She kind of lets us touch and pet her now but she still isn’t quite sure if she can trust us. She’s getting there slowly but surely and we want to give her all the time she needs to feel fully comfortable around us. Her new favorite toy is a burrito that you can see in a couple of pictures.